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Atashi no corner~!

Have a cookie!

October 31st, 2007

~06 @ 01:57 pm

Current Mood: irritated irritated

I was taking a leisurely walk with my Pokemon today when someone told me "Nice costume!"

I found that offensive. I am not dressed up for Halloween! This is my usual attire! So I retorted, telling him his ugly face was the best mask I'd seen. I bet he's crying somewhere, wishing he'd never insulted me.

So, I will be dressing up tonight, but my costume is not going to be of a Pokemon! That's right, I'll be trying something different. ;) ♥

October 23rd, 2007

~05 @ 01:57 pm

Current Mood: worried worried
Current Music: I Ran Away - Arrogant Worms

Well this certainly isn't good. o_o Someone's been murdered? ITWASN'TMEITWASN'TMEITWASN'TMEIPROMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISE!!!

Oh well. As long as I stay out of the way of this sort of thing, no one can question me. <__<;; People die by accident all the time, right? This is no big deal, right? Oh, whatever. ;_; Harley totemo worryyyyyyyy~~~

October 16th, 2007

~04 @ 10:49 pm

Current Mood: shocked terrified
Current Music: Take Me or Leave Me - RENT

Private//hackable due to rushingCollapse )

October 11th, 2007

~03 @ 12:30 pm

Current Mood: curious curious
Current Music: SuperStar - Toy Box


Why is practically the entire city speaking in third person and saying 'puu'? I'm sure they aren't Purin or Pukurin.

And besides, muffins, it's only cute when I speak in third person. Capiche? ♥

Anyway, I've been thinking of that man from a few days ago who told me that Pokemon were only in video games. How dare he...!? I'm gonna show him a thing or two!

Noctus-chan? Jupetta-chan? Time to shake your money makers!!

[ooc: xD; I realize Harley keeps swinging between the japanese and english versions of Pokemon. xD;; It's just, some days, I can hear Andy Rannells, other days, I hear Kanemaru-san. :D For notes-- Noctus = Cacturne and Jupetta = Banette. ]

October 1st, 2007

~02 @ 05:20 pm

Current Mood: ecstatic fabulous

Well, you all wanted to see my fabulous team, so I will let you all see them, okay?

First up, my super cool Cacturne!
Isn't he absolutely darling? ♥

Second, cool bud Banette!
AhhhH~~♥ I just love to hug him!

Third, the king of cool! Ariados-chan!!
He almost always spins a web of victory!

Fourth, my red-hot dancer, Octillery!
Ahhh~~! He dances so well, and looks like those cute little Octan Weiners! Sometimes, I just wanna eat him right up! ♥

And last, but definitely not least, my super cute Wigglytuff!!
Isn't she darling?

That's my team of Pokemon! They're all fabulous winners!

September 30th, 2007

~01 @ 06:52 am

Current Location: The Fountain near the Park
Current Mood: confused confused
Current Music: Pokemon Advanced Generation OP

Hmmm? Well, this is new. Isn't this supposed to be GoldenRod?

It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be. Not only that, where's the Pokemon Center? And isn't there supposed to be a contest here?

I haven't seen any flyers for it at all! Harley totemo worried! My lovely buddies need to rest up for the contest, and now the contest has gone missing!

I bet this is Drew's fault! He said the next contest was in GoldenRod! He must've been lying! Though the contest judges even told me it would be... This isn't fair! No one messes with Harley!!

But I guess I should find out where I am, first. There's a really nice park here, so I guess I'll get some training in. Cacturne! Time to go~~♥

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Atashi no corner~!

Have a cookie!